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Please note that all services and functions have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Virus.

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May 2020

Greetings and blessings of peace to you, Friends.

 When the government of Ontario mandated the closure of churches on March 16, 2020, I don’t think any of us imagined that our doors would remain closed for weeks and weeks and weeks. We said goodbye to each other, and nobody hugged at the door. The cake we had for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and our musical visitors, went into the freezer at the Masonic Hall.

Our first concern was to be sure that we stay connected. The Council developed a plan for this. Our pastoral care team, “Connectors”, have been making sure I know any important news.  Many of us keep in touch via Facebook. Some of you are making new friends as you keep in touch and reach out to each other with phone calls and notes.

 Worship has never stopped during the pandemic, and we have adapted to social distancing protocols. Some of you are delivering the printed sermon and bulletin to folks who are not connected by the internet. THANK YOU!

 We could not imagine Easter without music, and without each other. LeeAnn Irwin suggested we record the services on her cell phone, and then post them on YOUTUBE. This was the beginning of a new way of meeting, and worshipping together. Watch for our weekly worship on our YOUTUBE channel, Christ United Church, Lyn. Facebook is our new Fellowship Hall. Check out our page, and join us Christ United Church.

We continue to meet in many ways. You are always welcome to be part of the Bible Study, which meets via ZOOM on Wednesday mornings at 10:30. The link is in the weekly bulletin. Our Council, Worship and Transition Team meetings are now on ZOOM.

Reflecting on life in the church during the pandemic, a wise spiritual leader (Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis) said: “We have had to pivot and adapt, developing formerly unfathomable ways of being the body of Christ. And yet, this is what the church knows how to do so well...We are the ones who stare into an empty tomb and, instead of seeing defeat and despair, know victory and hope.”

We do not know how or when we will be together again, but we do know that at the very heart of our faith is the amazing grace of God, and the relentless call of Jesus to love one another, and the healing power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We are not alone.

Keep in touch, we need each other, and God needs us.

 Love and Peace,

Reverend Wendy



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