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July 2020

Greetings and peace be with you!

One of the signs of a really good friend is that even after a distance of months or years, you can pick up where you left off. As we are slowly opening into the second and third phase of the pandemic, I wonder what it will be like when we are able to be together again in “real time” in real, physical space. When everything has changed, some things remain. I believe the joy of being together in Christian friendship will be as fresh and alive as always.

On July 3 the Prayer Circle met for the first time in person, observing appropriate social distance, in a home. What a joy it was just to be together in person! Even though it has been over 3 months, it felt like yesterday when we started exchanging stories and joining in prayer. Please know that throughout this whole time your friends in this small circle have been holding us all in prayer.

We have all been changed by our time in isolation. We have learned many new ways of connecting. We have learned what it is to be the church without walls. We have learned how resilient and flexible we can be. We don’t know how things will unfold when this pandemic is over.

In mid-June the Premier of Ontario announced that churches can re-open, under certain protocols, and with significant limitations. The Executive of our Region (Eastern Ontario Outaouais Region) of the United Church, after carefully deliberating and listening to advice from clergy and local health units, has asked churches to stay closed until September. Before church buildings re-open for worship and activities, the Region want to be reassured that a plan is in place to protect everyone involved.

At Christ United Church we have an excellent team in place to set protocol and to follow up on the regulations and expectations of the Regional Council and the Local Health Unit. Before we gather, we need to be very sure we will not be endangering any of you.

Summer is an excellent time to rejuvenate and to let the Spirit delight your souls with mornings of birdsong and evenings of crickets and cooling breezes. We will continue to lead worship and deliver it to you through YOUTUBE during July.

YOUTUBE link: Christ United Church Lyn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LDa35cFDGs

 In August, I will be on holiday, very ready to take my own advice to enjoy the summer blessings of rest and rejuvenation!

Please call Lois Leroux if you have any emergency and she will direct your call.

God bless you all, see you in cyberspace! And before we know it—we pray—we will be together again.

With Christ our friend, I send my love.

Reverend Wendy



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