Summer Sunday Message – August 7, 2022


My summer message is about church camp. I wanted to talk about how important it is for kids to experience church camp.  “It provides a place where youth live in a caring community that emphasizes personal growth through positive interaction with their counsellors and other program staff.”[1] I was introduced to camp as a child through my church.  Church of the Advent, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Every year, our church would sponsor a child to attend our church camp, Quebec Lodge. Quebec Lodge welcomed campers of all backgrounds and was located on Lake Massawippi. I was the fortunate recipient for two summers when I was 8 and 9.   I learned how to swim, do archery, do crafts, make a fire, and canoe.    This was the first time I was away from my family which was frightening but also exciting. I loved the cabins where I met my new camper friends and introduced to the Tuck store.  I loved it and came to appreciate God in a whole new way under the stars and out in nature.  

Quebec Lodge

My next camping experiences

I moved away from home and started my adult life and had forgotten my camp experience until I visited my sister-in-law at camp IAWAH, in Westport.  All my memories came rushing back to me from the cabins to the eating hall, bible school and of course the Tuck store.  I immediately signed up to become a camp counsellor the following year and proceeded to teach bible school and fitness to the campers for the next 5 years.   I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and was able to introduce my daughter, Taylor, to the same church camp experience I had as a child.   

 Camp IAWAH  Proverbs 3:5-6
     “In All Ways Acknowledge Him.”   



United Church -  Quin-Mo-Lac

In 2007, Quin-Mo-Lac hosted its first ladies' event, and it has grown significantly over the years.  Our very own, Barb deJeet was organizing a group of ladies to attend a fall event and I was fortunate to attend with the group of 8 ladies from our church. We had so much fun connecting with UCW woman from around the province and experiencing camp life again as adults, hiking, swimming and sharing the message of Christ.   As I write this summer message, I am at a cottage on Oak Lake.  I found out when reading the history of Quin-Mo-Lac that this is

where it originated 

Quin-Mo-Lac’s roots began in Stirling Ontario at a camp called Oak Lake. In the late 1940’s after many years of world war strife, Christian camping emerged to spread a message of peace, love and unity. A group at Oak Lake realized their site wasn’t big enough for their vision, and a quest to find a new property began.

So it can be a very small world sometimes and I love how God has a way of connecting all things for us when we see things that we think are a coincidence, I believe it is God’s way of pointing us in a direction or saying we are on the right path.   I am immensely proud over the years of how our church and Sunday School teachers made sure that any child in our congregation that wanted to go to Golden Lake Camp were connected through the generosity of the Burnbrae Foundation.   Over the 10 plus summers that we sent children there we provided camping spots for as many as 4 children at a time during the summer.

Below is a video provided by the United church Website
Minute for Mission “From the United Church website and their resource page   -

Camping Sunday” 

Heaven among the Stars, Trees, and Lakes (

“Church camps create friendships that last a lifetime and allow children and teens to experience their faith in new ways.”

Church camps can only flourish through volunteers and donations and as we live in a time where the cost of experience the camp experience is becoming beyond what many families can afford, it is important that we continue to support our church camps.  I would like to end with this Camp Counsellor’s Manifesto I found on the Ontario Camping Association’s website which truly describes all the best things about camp.  


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Consider next time you are on a long drive to start singing some old camp songs. It will be a smile to your face.

This Little Light Of Mine
Peace Like A River
Pharaoh Pharaoh
This Land is Your Land

Blessings, Cynthia Sparring

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