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Worship Leader: JoAnne Fletcher                                Music Director: Tim Hallman

Sunday, April 18, 2021
Earth Sunday

Music Used in this Service:
Come in and Sit Down: OneLicense 44817
For the Beauty of the Earth: Public Domain
Touch the Earth Lightly: OneLicense 02310
How Great Thou Art: Public Domain
Let All Things Now Living: OneLicense 194350

If you wish to watch this service on YouTube the link is:  https://youtu.be/pdE8F-XoN_8

Welcome, Call to Worship:
Welcome to this Earth Sunday service, whether you are joining us on Facebook or YouTube or reading this service at home, we are glad to have you with us as we celebrate the creation we have been given and reflect on our responsibility to preserve it for the generations to come.

In the opening hymn, Come in and Sit Down, we are reminded of two things: first of all, we are blessed to have the talents of Tim and the choir, who despite each being located safely in their own homes can combine their music and voices into beautiful hymns together. Secondly, the video for the hymn included message about the fact that this is ‘Pitch In week and we are all encouraged to try to take care of a corner or our own little worlds and do some roadside cleanup if we are able. If anyone needs help disposing of bags of roadside clean up, please call the church and we will make those arrangements for you.

Call to Worship:

We are one flock,
we are called to be one in community and one with the earth.
We have boldness before God
because we know we are loved and known
and so, in the same, way let us love each other, and let us celebrate the creation,
not only in word or speech but in truth and action—let us join together as one, across the world. Amen.

One of the few benefits of the pandemic is the sharing of materials that have been created for online worship, and we were fortunate to obtain permission to include a video of Touch the Earth Lightly created by St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Winnipeg.

Hymn: Video: Touch the Earth Lightly

Lighting the Candle of Creation
Holy One, Heart of Creation,
you know us and call us into bold service.
We come together this day to celebrate your creation, the mountains that inspire us, the land that sustains us,
the beautiful streams that surround us and provide us with food and water.
We light this candle knowing that waters have been lost and the earth damaged almost beyond repair.
We shine the light on the efforts of our families, our communities, and our partners in Canada and abroad
so that we may be empowered to act in love for one another and the creation over which we have been given stewardship. For you are our shepherd, who leads us toward green pastures. Amen.

Scripture: Selected verses of God’s creation

It is a pleasure to welcome Helen Anne Hudson from Burnbrae Farms and Josh Fletcher from Green Resolution to talk to us about their companies’ efforts to make a difference in our planet’s future.

 Helen Anne Hudson
Social Responsibility Advisor
Burnbrae Farms

Hello my name is Helen Anne Hudson and I am the senior advisor to our corporate social responsibility program at Burnbrae Farms. Our social responsibility program has five areas of focus, one of which is the environment. In our commitment to the environment, we are committed to reducing our greenhouse gases and making better use of our natural resources including water, and physical resources such as natural gas and electricity and the fuel that we used for our fleet of trucks that deliver eggs to the stores and pick up eggs from our farmers. Within that program we are trying to create efficiencies within our production facilities, and we are also planting lots of trees on our fields and properties around the farms here in Lyn and in other locations across Canada. Of course, trees soak up all that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and they release oxygen for us to breath, so everyone should plant trees!

We are also committed to our local community by participating in the great Canadian shoreline cleanup (and Pitch In campaign) every year. The Shoreline Cleanup is sponsored by Loblaws and we take volunteers out from Burnbrae and go out and clean up roadsides and as many water banks as we can get access to. We consider that any garbage that's along the road would eventually get washed into a waterway anyway so we feel that that is a very responsible way to support clean water systems. We do lots of things here at Burnbrae and we feel it's very important to have a sense of duty to the environment. We want to keep it clean so generations in the future can enjoy it, and we want to help mitigate climate change. We are doing the best that we can and always strive to do better. I hope you enjoy looking at our new solar installation (which is visible in the video of this talk). It will produce 25% of the electricity that we need on this site in Lyn once it's done, so we will be looking forward to turning it on. Whenever we are ready to turn it on you'll probably hear about it in the news so stay tuned.

Thank you.

In the online service Helen Anne’s talk is followed by a video outlining how Burnbrae lives out its social responsibility commitment to the environment.

 Josh Fletcher
Green Resolutions

Hi folks, Josh Fletcher here. I wish I could be there with you but to do to Covid lockdowns I am stuck in Toronto. I believe that you just watched a video about an environmental start up called Green Resolution (a video about Green Resolution was included in the online service). I have been involved in the company for just over a year now. It was founded by another Lyn boy by the name of Jerod Burns and a few other partners that we have joined from abroad. The company's goals as you saw the videos are very straightforward - we want to use bacteria to help clean up toxic waste left behind from some of Canada's old abandoned mines. Thousands of mines were set up during World War II and regulations ignored in order to meet the extreme demands of the war. The process used back then produced by-products that are very harmful to the communities around them. Toxins like arsenic and sulphur spread throughout the tailings that were left behind in the pond, sometimes leaking out into the surrounding community, obviously impacting local growth and local animals. I joined the company just over a year ago. We had a pilot project lined up in Nova Scotia with a large tract of land and were partnering with the land owner to go clean that up. Unfortunately, right after Covid hit some partners had to back out due to the economic impact that Covid had and the uncertainty that it caused. So we had to go back to the drawing board a little bit and are currently working toward a partnership with First Nations communities in Ontario. We want to tackle this problem jointly with them using the Green Resolution process, using locally sources resources and labour. We want to make this a true partnership. It is slow moving because Covid is restricting our ability to join meetings with them and slowing down everything as it relates to land rights and our ability to sample the soil and do what we need to do. Hopefully you will be hearing more about us in the coming months as Covid restrictions lift and we can resume our talks with the indigenous landowners in Ontario. So eventually we hope to make a positive impact enviable to spread that further through Canada. It’s been slow going so far but we are very optimistic for the future. So thanks for listening and hopefully you will be hearing again from me soon.

Creating God,
You have called us to be in loving relations with all the Earth,
living with respect in creation,
choosing love and seeking justice at all times.
Instead, humankind has acted in hateful ways,
exploiting natural resources and choosing present greed
over sustainable future abundance.
We need your help to fight for a better future!
Help to reawaken our love for Creation,
that is so magnificent that we, with all our creativity and knowledge,
could never articulate it; and give us the passion in our hearts to fight for it.
Help to deepen our relationships and love for each other, affirming the wisdom

of the elders
so that we are not discouraged by empty platitudes and those who seek to downplay the damage we continue to inflict on our fragile planet. Help us to grow our

community of allies
so that we can create a sustainable and faithful response to the imminent climate crisis.
For the sake of your majestic creation, and for the love of all our relations.
Help us to fight for a better future.

Now may you go in peace, and joy, and love for God’s creation.

Hymn/Blessing: VU 242 Let All Things Now Living