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“Seeds of Life"
June 26, 2022

Music Used in this Service:
VU 289 It Only Takes a Spark  (OneLicense Ica-2013-03)
MV 8 And on This Path (OneLicense 99739)
VU 307 Touch the Earth Lightly (CCLI 02310)
MV 191 What Can I Do? (One License 82970
VU 422  God Be with You till We Meet Again (Public Domain)
Johnny Appleseed (Public Domain)


Welcome, Announcements & Celebrations

One:  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
Response: And also with you.

Acknowledging the Territory:
God calls us to live with respect and care for all our relations in creation. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples of this area have tended the earth, and we give thanks for such diligence. We covenant to live and work together, sharing this land in peace and respect as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the river flows.

Gathering Hymn:  VU 289 “It Only Takes a Spark”

Call to Worship:
We gather today to praise the Creator as we pay special attention to seeds awakening and new life bursting forth all around us. I invite you to hold a seed or imagine a seed in your hand. Take a moment to think of the seeds you may have planted or that you have watched others plant. All seeds are a gift from God. Let us give thanks for these seeds as we worship today.

Lighting the Christ Candle & Introit

Hymn:  MV 8 “And on This Path”

Prayer of the Day: (all)
Let us listen to the earth this day, Creator God.
Let us notice the gifts of earth and seeds all around us.
Let us connect with the wonder of the cycles of planting, growing, and harvesting that are going on around us.
Let us notice you, Creator God, in creation today. Amen.

Hymn:  VU 307 “Touch the Earth Lightly”

Prayer of Illumination:
May the seeds of your word be planted in our hearts today, Caring Creator, so that they may flourish with love and hope. Amen.


Genesis 1:11–12 God creates a garden.
John 12:24 Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth.
1 Corinthians 15:36b–38 What we sow with our lives.

One:  Herein is Wisdom.
All:  Thanks be to God.

Questions to Ponder Together or in Silence

In what ways do you feel like a seed or a bud?
Where in your life are you experiencing dying, awakening, rebirth, and renewal?
How is beauty a balm (or soothing) for your spirit?
What are your stories of lifting the spirits of others or being a healing presence for others?

Hymn:  MV 191 “What Can I Do?”

Prayers of the People & the Lord’s Prayer:
Holy One, Creator, Giver of lie.  We come to you this morning with thankful hearts.  Thanking you for this day to enjoy, and for being able to worship, and praise you with word and song.  Thank you for the many blessings give to us in love.  Bless all those who hear your Word this day in many different places and languages.  Bless those who prepared and sent your Word to us.  We pray for those who are in our hearts and on our minds.  Those names spoken and unspoken.  We bring to you today those who are unwell in body and soul; may they in some way feel your presence with the and bring them peace.  For those who are troubled with addictions, thoughts of suicide, alone and lonely; the homeless, those estranged from family and friends; those grieving and finding coping unbearable.  Hold all these, and others, in your loving arms.  We give thanks for the new babies entering this world.  May the bring joy and love to their families.  We pray for our churches, governments of cities, and countries.  May those in charge turn to you before making decisions for their people.  Help us all to remember that we are your children and are deeply loved and cared for.  We bring all our requests to you in the name of Jesus the Christ, who taught us to say, “Our Father...”  AMEN!

Invitation to Offering:
Loving Creator may these offerings plant your seeds of love and life as a blessing in this world. Amen.

Commissioning & Benediction:
We have had a wonderful time and want to thank you for filling this place with joy and peace.  As we close this church service, we ask you, Lord, to walk with us everywhere we go in the upcoming summer months until we reunite in September.  Amen.

 Closing Hymn:  VU 422  “God Be with You till We Meet Again” (vs 1,2)

Grace:  Johnny Appleseed

 Gathering Worship Resource, The United Church of Canada